How to generate images on Chhaya AI?

Embark on a journey of limitless creativity with Chhaya AI – where imagination meets innovation. This isn't just a tool; it's your gateway to a realm of unprecedented visual storytelling. So, fellow trailblazers, buckle up as we uncover the art of generating awe-inspiring images that speak volumes.

Step into the realm of possibilities:

Login and Elevate: The first step, dear creators, is to step into your Chhaya AI sanctuary. As you log in, a world of endless potential unfolds before you. If you haven't embraced a Subscription plan, fear not! Simply click on "Select a Plan" and open the doors to boundless creativity. For subscribers, proceed to the next stage.

Navigate the Tapestry: On your left, a tapestry of tools awaits your command. Navigate to the AI Image, the magic portal that unleashes the power of creation.

Choose Your Emissary: Here, you face a delightful choice between Dall-E and Stability AI (Stable Diffusion). The gatekeepers of your creative odyssey.

For the wizards of Open AI's Dall-E, envision your idea in the textbox or let the generator create with a sample prompt. Click "Generate" and witness the birth of your AI masterpiece.

Delve into the arcane with Advanced Settings. Tailor your creation with options aplenty – Image Resolution, Art Style (30 mesmerizing options), Lightning Style (13 distinct styles), and Mood (immerse yourself in 10 evocative moods).

Click "Generate" and let the alchemy unfold.


Stable Diffusion - Unleash the Prodigy

For those seeking an arsenal of options, Stable Diffusion is your virtuoso companion.

Text-To-Image: Birth images from words and challenge the status quo with negative prompts.

Image-to-Image: Breathe life into your ideas. Upload an image and metamorphosis, recolor, or retouch to perfection.

Upscaling: Elevate your visuals. Upload and watch your images ascend to new heights.

Multi-Prompting: Dissect your vision. Use multiprompt to sculpt a bespoke masterpiece, piece by piece.

Dive into Additional Settings – Image Style, Mood, Image Diffusion Samples, Clip Guidance Preset, Image Resolution, and Negative Prompts. Tailor every nuance to your liking.

The Unveiling: Click "Generate" and witness the birth of your artistic marvel. As pixels dance and creativity fuses, behold the artwork taking shape before your very eyes.

The Gallery of Triumphs: Once the masterpiece is unveiled, find solace in the Results section. Download, view, or obliterate your creations at will. And don't forget the Archives, your sanctuary for managing the legacy of AI-generated brilliance.

Creators, the canvas is yours, and the possibilities are boundless. Dive into the realm of Chhaya AI, where imagination becomes reality. Unleash the creator in you and let the world witness the magic you craft. Your masterpiece awaits!

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